Why Nigeria must return to Jan-Dec circle- Gbajabiamila

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Why Nigeria must return to Jan-Dec circle- Gbajabiamila

Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila has explained the National Assembly is clamouring for the January- December budget circle to stimulate development in the country.

The Speaker spoke at the National Budget Hearing on the 2020 Budget at the National Assembly on Wednesday.

He said this circle will enable good planning and proper implementation of the Appropriation Act.

According to him: “Many people have asked me why are we all pressed of returning the budget cycle to January- December? Its simple: because the Constitution stipulated it.

“This allows for proper planning and proper Implementation as opposed to what is obtainable for sometime. It even as a way of suppressing it.

“The budget speaks clearly for itself. What we are here to do is to basically present to the stakeholders the 10.3 trillion budget as presented by the President.

“For the stakeholders to look at the document, to examine it. What we seek to do here is to get a buy-in from all stakeholders, from the Nigeria public.

“Because, I always believe that nobody is a fountain of knowledge. Even though we are given full authority by the constitution to appropriate, we cannot do it alone.”

“Nation building is a joint task and this is the first exercising that we will be doing because the budget of any country is the blueprint of its economy.

“It is a basis upon which everything else is built. And for that reason, we thought it proper to hold this joint public hearing”.

He said the intended objective of the budget hearing is positive.

“We are seeking an outcome that will reflect the thorough federal character of Nigeria at the end of the public hearing.

“No lopsidedness, everybody had a part, everybody had an input. We are here to listen, to take in input and at the end of the day we will exercise our constitutional authority and powers,” he stated.

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