New lease of life for Abia South African returnees

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New lease of life for Abia South African returnees

South African returnees of Abia origin have stepped up their reintegration process through the assistance of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

Ikpeazu had promised to support them to be reintegrated when they called on October 7 at the Government House.

n fulfilment of his pledge, the governor has enrol them in vocational training based on their preferred interests.

Those who chose farming have started training at Kritzenly Farm Ltd in Ntigha owned by Dr Nwagboso.

A few are learning barbing, braiding etc in hair salons.

Two of the returnees focusing on catering while one of them is learning 3D graphic wall paper installation.

A few others joined family members in businesses with the capital received from the Governor.

“We are pleased with the assistance received from Dr Ikpeazu, indeed we are blessed to have a State Governor that cares, ” Uche Nwaocha stated on behalf of the returnees.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Diaspora Matters and Special Duties Dr Ngozi Ogbonna-Erondu praised Ikpeazu for the gestures.

The support, she said, has not only assisted them in resettlement but also reintegration after their traumatic experiences in South Africa.

She assured the the Diaspora office will continue to monitor the progress of the returnees and provide guidance as needed.

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