Texas party shooting: Gunfire erupts at vigil for victim

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Officials are seen removing a covered stretcher from the party venue
Police have not yet indentified the shooters or motives involved in either incident

Gunfire erupted during a vigil for a man who was killed in a shooting at a party in Texas the night before.

No injuries were reported from the vigil shooting, which police said was caused by a “disturbance”.

In the party shooting on Saturday night in Greenville, Texas, two died and 12 were injured.

Police are still searching for the gunman, whose identity and motive remains unknown.

The vigil was held at a park in Dallas for 23-year-old Kevin Barry, named by his family as one of the two killed at the party.

As the vigil was ending, multiple gunshots rang out, causing mourners and reporters to take cover, according to local media reports.

The day before, gunshots rang out shortly before midnight during a party at an off-campus event space near Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Police said initial witness reports indicated that the shooter had targeted his first victim before turning his handgun on the crowd and firing at random, causing partygoers to flee.

The gunman is believed to have fled in the resulting chaos.

Police said the the two killed were both males.

Of the 12 injured, six were being treated for gunshot wounds. At least four are in critical condition. The rest were injured by glass or being trampled.

Many of the 750 people in attendance were college students in their late teens and early 20s.

County Sheriff Randy Meeks told reporters he was “appalled” that the police had not been able to get a better description of the shooter from one of the many witnesses.

“Due to the many different descriptions being provided by those in attendance at that party, we unfortunately do not have any solid suspect information to provide at this time,” he said during a press conference on Sunday.

The FBI and the Texas Rangers – a state-wide investigative agency – are helping in the investigation.

Media captionBullets and bills: The cost of getting shot in America

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