Africa’s week in pictures: 3-9 January 2020

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A selection of the week’s best photos from across the continent and beyond:

A man with face paint and matching black-and-yellow umbrella
Image captionA member of a minstrel troupe sports a suit matching his umbrella at the annual Tweede Nuwe Jaar (Second New Year) Minstrels Parade in South Africa’s Cape Town on Saturday.
Man under an 'umbrella' of balloons
Image captionUnder an umbrella of balloons, an Egyptian vendor awaits customers in Cairo during the Coptic Orthodox Christmas celebrations on Tuesday.
Man with two hats on top of each other
Image captionA stylist from Guinea-Bissau shows off his playful hat style at the London Fashion Week Men’s edition on Sunday.
Imane Ayissi laughing
Image captionAnd Cameroonian fashion designer Imane Ayissi is having a laugh in his studio in Paris, France on Monday.
Young men pumping their hands up in the air in defiance
Image captionA crowd of opposition protesters in Liberia demonstrates at the Save The State protest in the capital Monrovia…
A man holds a sign that says "stop flying private jets President Weah, #savethestate"
Image captionAt the same protest, this young man has a message for the president.
An aerial view of fisher boats in the ocean
Image captionAn aerial view shows fishing boats basking in the sunlight at the harbour in Sal Rei at Boa Vista island, Cape Verde, on the same day.
A general view of the city
Image captionWhile a light haze surrounds the city of Mekelle in Ethiopia on Sunday…
Mostly female worshippers sitting on steps
Image caption…where Ethiopian Orthodox worshippers attend a church service.
People sitting in the grass by a tree
Image captionIt’s a holy gathering in South Africa too, as worshippers of the Nazareth Baptist Church embark on a tranquil pilgrimage to the Nhlangakazi Holy Mountain 85km (52 miles) north of Durban on Saturday.
People dancing in the street
Image captionThousands of miles away from the tranquillity of the pilgrimage, relatives of an 18-year-old Kenyan man let loose in celebration of his circumcision in Nairobi’s Kibera on Monday.

Pictures from Getty Images

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