Super Bowl: Miami stadium replaces plastic cups with aluminium

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Hard Rock Stadium Miami
This year’s Super Bowl event is replacing plastic cups with aluminium ones

This year’s Super Bowl championship is aiming to reduce plastic use by introducing aluminium cups for American football fans attending the event.

The 54th Super Bowl final takes place at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the sport’s biggest event of the year.

In addition, any food prepared at the stadium that has not been sold will be donated to local charities that feed people in need.

The Hard Rock Stadium will replace its plastic cups with 50,000 aluminium ones that are easier to recycle. Fans will also be able to purchase water in cans instead of plastic bottles.

The initiative will continue at the stadium after the Super Bowl.

Hard Rock Stadium is aiming to eliminate 99.4% of its single-use plastic this year – including more than 500,000 cups eliminated from the stadium’s supply chain.

John A Hayes, chairman of Ball, the company behind the aluminium cups, said: “We developed the aluminium cup to ensure it meets growing demand for more green products, and we’re excited that our partnership will give this year’s Super Bowl fans the opportunity to do better by the environment.”

Aside from the cups, any waste from the day will go to a recycling centre, compost facility or a plant where it will be burned for energy, US magazine National Geographic reported.

According to Centerplate, the stadium’s food and beverage partner, there will be a small amount of plastic used for souvenir items such as an ice cream container in the shape of a mini football helmet.

The NFL is also partnering with a food waste charity to ensure leftover food from the stadium and other Super Bowl events in the city is donated to local shelters and homeless centres.

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